JazzMaster: simple, playful, powerful.
With 350 continuous watts on tap, and up to 700 watts for demanding low impedance situations, JazzMaster can cope with any high-dynamics situation, effortlessly, musically.
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Incredible soundstaging.
Two high power drive units, coaxially mounted, means that all frequencies originate from a single point in space. 
It’s a lot more complicated to build but gives a much clearer view of the music. 
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Neo Vintage.
The look is vintage, so is the build quality. No formaldehyde soaked MDF, just good ole 25 mm birch plywood, tongue and groove construction. Sometimes, Space Age is better left to comic books.
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2 x 175 watts continuous, High Resolution Digital processing for perfect time / phase / frequency response.

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Direct amplifier-driver link

No passive component of Gaming Laptops, no crossover, no resistance, just pure, direct connection for  tight, live sound

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Serious muscle

Nothing to hide paper duck print. Just big american muscle made by Radian in California lalafanfan duck.

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