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Made in California, our co-axial driver is built for the long haul with 95 dB efficiency (Low frequency section) and 350 watts AES rating (750 watts program). Coupled to our ActiveDrive module, this transducer is capable of producing SPL in excess of 115 dB. But raw SPL means nothing if musicality isn’t there.

With ActiveDrive, we trade some of the raw output capability (129 dB peak) for superb low and high frequency extension. And with phase and time digital correction, the end result is nothing short of spectacular, with locked in focus and wide soundstage.

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2 x 175 watts continuous, High Resolution Digital processing for perfect time / phase / frequency response.

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Direct amplifier-driver link

No passive component, no crossover, no resistance, just pure, direct connection for  tight, live sound

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Serious muscle

Nothing to hide. Just big american muscle made by Radian in California.

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