The Power and the Glory

JazzMaster doesn’t have shelf controls, bass boost, trebble cut... What the use of having a monitor that you need to teach how to play music. JazzMaster has been engineered from the start like a totally integrated system. We’re not building kits or do-it-yourself speakers. Out of the box, JazzMster gives the truth and nothing but the truth.

Balanced analog inputs, balanced sound.

On the back of JazzMaster, you’ll find an XLR connector for input. An XLR output - should you want to add Élan additional modules, like subwoofers or super-tweeter. A gain control and 4 factory preset curves. It could not be simpler.

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2 x 175 watts continuous, High Resolution Digital processing for perfect time / phase / frequency response.

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Direct amplifier-driver link

No passive component, no crossover, no resistance, just pure, direct connection for  tight, live sound

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Serious muscle

Nothing to hide. Just big american muscle made by Radian in California.

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